E-commerce Fulfillment

Fulfillment for your e-commerce store made easy using our custom-built software integration. We receive incoming orders in real-time and ship  

same day.

What Is It?

Thanks to retail giants who offer 2-day shipping, it has become increasingly more difficult for eCommerce sellers to reach their customers on time. Even with the best website and great products, if you can't keep up with shipping it will hurt your business. Since customers now expect 2-day shipping use a fulfillment partner to stay on top of your orders!

How it Works.

Product arrives at Librex's warehouse and manifest is verified
Librex receives order in real-time from omnichannel integrations
Librex picks, packs and ships orders same day
Tracking numbers are updated automatically

At Librex, we keep our process simple and time-efficient here's how we do it!


The first step of the process is getting your products to our warehouse. After your products arrive, our warehouse team inspects your products for any damages during shipping and assigns a ULID (Unique Librex ID) to each product for warehouse space allocation. When it has been assigned a ULID, the product is stored on a designated shelf.


Librex integrates with every selling channel and marketplace that exists. Our in house IT team will assist you in integrating your store into our warehousing system. After your store has been successfully integrated your product is live and ready to ship! When an order is placed on any selling channel it is received in realtime in our software system. Your product is then packed and shipped on the same day the order was received. 


Librex will distribute your inventory within its fulfillment network based on the order history of your product. This ensures that your products are as close to your clients as possible.

Why Librex?

Librex handles all aspects of your E-Commerce fulfillment and shipping needs.

Here at Librex, we handle all your inventory, shipping and return services. Our clients enjoy the benefits of exceptional customer service and some of the key factors that make Librex a suitable eCommerce fulfillment provider:


  • 24 x 7 Sales Monitoring

  • Same Day Pick, Pack, and Shipping

  • Cost-effective Shipping Options

  • LibrexGO Dashboard Insights for Sales

  • Dedicated Account Representatives 

  • 24 x 7 Email Support.

  • 3 Tier Pricing Plan ( ship more save more)


Our account executives are experienced and work with each customer individually to find the best fit for your business. This ensures that your e-Commerce business can function seamlessly in the United States.