Onboarding With Librex

1. Service Agreement

The first step to partner with Librex as your service partner, is to sign our service agreement. If you have not received the service agreement from your dedicated Librex account manager, then please fill out the form below and your representative will send you the DocuSign link.

2. Create Inventory Shipment

After you have signed the service agreement, the next step of the process is to get your inventory to our warehouse! Creating an inbound shipment will notify our warehouse team, making your inventory receiving process easy and efficient. This will also ensure that your shipment arrives exactly as expected.


To create an inbound shipment, log into your LibrexGO portal. If you don't currently have a LibrexGO login, please reach out to your dedicated representative to get your login.

3. Integrate Your Selling Channels

Once your product has been successfully received at our warehouse. Librex's support team will assist you with the integration process. Librex offers unlimited selling channels for all of its customers.​

If you don't see your selling marketplace, don't worry Librex integrates with every marketplace that exists!

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