Order Fulfillment (B2B)

Handling literal truckloads of product is complicated. Let us take care of the hard work by utilizing our 

logistics partners.

What Is It?

At Librex, we work with businesses of all sizes. From large business-to-business (B2B) orders to individual direct-to-consumer (D2C) orders we can help you scale to any size. If you’re an eCommerce seller or overseas manufacturer that wants to reach customers in the United States and is in need of affordable order fulfillment, Librex is the right fit for you!

How it Works

Product arrives at Librex's Warehouse and manifest is verified
Order is received in real-time and packed
Discounted shipping quote generated
Your product is ready to be picked up

A little more detail about our process.


The first step of the process is getting your products to our warehouse. After your products arrive, our warehouse team inspects your products for any damages during shipping and assigns a unique ID for warehouse space allocation. Next, your product is carefully shelved and is ready to be shipped.


When an order is received in real-time, the order is picked, packed and inspected for quality control. Meanwhile, our shipping software compares shipping rates to save you the most money on shipping. Once we find the best rate for your shipment, your shipment is booked and picked up to be delivered to your customers' doorstep. 


To help cut down on costs, Librex distributes inventory within its fulfillment network based on the customer's sales history. This allows customers to store their product closer to the end customer.

Why Librex?

Librex's goal is to provide a world-class fulfillment experience to our clients. 

with Librex, you will get:


  • B2B Fulfillment for Wholesale and Retail

  • Error-Free Order Turnout.

  • Same-Day Pick and Pack

  • Discounted Rates for Ground & LTL.

  • Secure and Safe Packaging.

  • Quality Checks for Every Order

  • 24 x 7 Email Support

  • Dedicated Account Executive

  • Overseas manufacturers for long term storage


Here at Librex, we work with every client individually to offer the best solutions for your business in the United States. You can’t go wrong with pricing designed according to your business needs. Ask us how we can serve you the best!