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Librex offers Flexible plans that grow with You

Scale your business up or down each month without any fees. Here at Librex, we cater to your needs, to allow you to focus on your core business and growth.
Librex offers customized pricing for every type of business from small startups to mature corporations. We will find you the right fit for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What what does a fulfillment center do?

A fulfillment center takes care of all your warehousing and shipping needs. Fulfillment partners save their clients time and money so they can focus on their core business.

How much does packaging cost?

All packing in FREE! At Librex your products packaging is included with fulfillment services.

Does Librex offer FBA prep services?

Librex has specially staff preparing your orders. Librex’s accuracy ensures your product will arrive at Amazon's warehouses in compliance with their standards.

Does Librex offer Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) services?

Librex allows sellers to have prime listed items without all of the extra fees and lack of flexibility. Reach all your clients with Librex’s standard 2 day shipping.

How can I get a quote?

Fill out our form and we will get back to you in 4 hours of less. Want to skip the hassle of email? Call, Text, or WhatsApp us! (1+7732317510)

How can I view my account activity?

Librex has an online portal where sellers can view their shipments. Librex also updates sellers accounts in real time so integrations are always up to date.

What happens when I get an order?

In real time orders are pulled into Librex’s shipping software. From here our warehouse team can view your orders and fulfill them. All orders that are received before 3PM EST get pick packed and shipped the same day.

How can we be reached (Customer Service)?

You can reach Librex with a phone call, email, text message or WhatsApp. We have staff 24/7 around the clock responding to your inquiries. The average response time is under 2 hours!

Questions not Answered?

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