Return Services

Sometimes a customer needs to return an order. This process can be hectic and time-consuming. We will accept the return, check its condition, and restock if possible leaving you available to focus on what is important.

Your business.

What Is It?

Returns are the worst part about selling online. Librex takes the headache out of returns with personalized return policies for each individual client. This minimizes merchandise waste and preserves profits.

How it Works.

At Librex, we keep our process simple and time-efficient. Here's how we do it!


When an item returns to a Librex warehouse, it goes through an inspection process. Librex allows clients to set custom quality control standards for their return products. When the product arrives at the warehouse, it is checked to see if it meets the specified standards and can be restocked. If the product passes inspection, it is returned back to its dedicated storage space.


Librex is a seamless extension of your business. With 24/7 customer service Librex allows for smooth return processing and workflows.

Why Librex?

Return processing has never been easier with Librex. We include Return Services with Fulfillment Services. Here at Librex, we go full circle on the supply chain! Here are some of the reasons why customers choose Librex:


  • Easy Return Processes for Your Customers 

  • Minimal Merchandise Waste

  • Personalized Return Policies 

  • Climate-Controlled Storage 


Our account executives work with each customer individually to figure out the best fit for their business. This ensures that your eCommerce business can function seamlessly in the United States!