Climate controlled storage, CCTV monitoring, and 24/7 on-site staff. Librex provides safe warehousing that ensures

pristine condition.

What Is It?

At Librex, we offer affordable storage for every type of product. If you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, importer/exporter or even a startup Librex will be the right fit for you! Our team distributes your product through our warehousing network ensuring your product is as close to your customers as possible minimizing shipping and storage costs. 

How it Works.

Product arrives at Librex's warehouse and manifest is verified
Librex keeps your inventory in our warehouse.

Storing your products and managing a warehouse can be very costly for your business. Here at Librex, we take the stress out of managing your supply chain making it easier and cheaper to reach your clients. When warehousing with Librex can offer: 


  • Reduced Handling Costs

  • Scalable Storage Capacity

  • Excellent Customer Service

  • Packaging

  • Assembly

  • Kitting / Subscription Box Preparations

Why Librex ?

Librex makes storage easy and cheap! Scale your warehouse space up and down every month without any fees. All of our facilities are climate controlled, CCTV protected and staffed 24x7. Here are some examples of what our clients store:

  • ​​Apparel, Clothing, Shoes.

  • Books and Magazines 

  • Toys

  • Coffee / Tea

  • Herbal / Beauty Products / Skincare .

  • Tech Accessories

  • Furniture / Decore / Tools
  • Medicine / Healthcare
  • Pet Supplies

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