Subscription Boxes & Kitting

Custom packaging can be exactly what your business needs to go to the next level. Just send us all the materials and we will assemble your packaging.

 Quality assured.

What Is It?

Subscription boxes or crates are becoming a rapidly growing business model in the eCommerce industry. Librex takes the confusion out of creating custom boxes for all of your different customers. We include your own custom packaging and marketing inserts for FREE. Never stress about assembly & kitting ever again, we have you covered!

How it Works.

Products consolidated at Librex's warehouse and manifests are verified
Products are stored in our climate-controlled warehouse
Kitting / Assembly request received
Your product is ready to be shipped

The first step of the process is getting all of the required products to the Librex warehouse. Subscription boxes feature a wide range of products. Librex consolidates products from various manufacturers and suppliers. After all of the various products arrive at our facilities the manifest is verified and the products are inspected for quality control. Then all the products are assigned a Unique Librex ID (ULID) and stored in their dedicated storage spaces.


After the products have been received, the products are ready to be assembled into their respective subscription boxes. Custom orders are submitted to Librex for kitting and assembly. These orders can contain a specific order, interval, or even a random assortment. 


Once the order has been placed, all the subscription boxes are prepared in a batch order. This includes adding the specified products and their respective marketing inserts into the packages. All subscription boxes are shipped out the same day. 


Librex has experience fulfilling subscription boxes in these industries: 


  • Beauty Products and Cosmetics

  • Electronic Items

  • Media Kits

  • Multi-level Marketing Kits

  • Nutritional Supplements

  • Product Samples


Why Librex?

Dedicated customer service reps, flexible order instructions, and error-free batch fulfillment are only some of the reasons why customers choose Librex for assembly & kitting. Some of the other aspects of why people choose Librex:


  • Easy Product Consolidation

  • Batch Shipping Available

  • Same-Day Fulfillment

  • Climate Controlled Warehousing

  • Lower Transaction Costs

  • Fewer Returns and Shrinkage

  • Free Standard Packaging Materials


Our account executives are experienced and work with each customer individually to figure out the best fit for their business. This ensures that your eCommerce business can function seamlessly in the United States!